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Re: Question about a computer

While I suspect you already know this, the all-in-one computers (not just HP) use laptop components.  In essence, it's a laptop with a large monitor.  I say this because it severely limits the expandability of the system.  For example, the system only has 2 memory slots, whereas most desktops have 4 and a few have 8.  I doubt that it's possible to add a second hard drive, and I doubt that you can easily change the graphics card should the need arise.

I'm not trying to discourage you from buying the system, just making sure that you know what you're getting.  Overall the specs look decent.  The display almost certainly uses a TN panel which isn't the best type for photographic work.  The biggest problem (in my opinion) with a TN panel is that the gamma can change significantly depending upon the vertical viewing angle.  Even if you calibrate the display with a hardware calibrator, if the viewing angle isn't 90 degrees, the gamma will likely be different from the calibration value.

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