Fall in the Neighborhood Nikon D600 70-200 VRII

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Re: Fall in the Neighborhood Nikon D600 70-200 VRII

4x5 Guy wrote:

Gradybaby wrote:

Karl H. Timmerman M.A.J.D. wrote:

If you like the image, the image has value. Period. I think it is a nice sample of what the N28-300 is capable of doing. On mine, I have noticed, across the board, F8 seems to be the optimum aperture  ...  and it sure beats shlepping a bag full of primes around.  As for 4 x 5?  ...  the easiest way to respond to him, (assuming you would even want to respond to the "village idiot" ) is:

"Nanny, Nanny, Boo, Boo!"

I am sad to admit, his and others with negative, hatefull comments have sucked me into responding. Try to share my point of view. A total waste of time. For some reason, they believe tearing others down, will somehow elevate them or their work. An appropriate comment would include something positive about an image/opinion and suggestions on how you would do it differently, not better, but differently. Encouragement and building up, raises everyone's boat.

Having been here since 1999, posting images in gear forums has always been encouraged as a means of showing what the gear is capable of doing in the hands of nonpro's. Keep sharing your images, point of view and vision.  :)

Warm Regards


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Karl this guy 4X5 every time I post a pic has something negative to say. Where are the moderators when you need them? He is a menace to the site and should be banned from posting here.

Gotta love it. You, karl, and neil abuse this site with innumerable thread of images that are completely mundane and uninformative and strictly narcissistic. But you guys go on and believe that you are hot sh*t photographers. You guys would be torn apart in any decent photography workshop, especially given your conceited attitude.

Keep it up 4X5 you will be gone soon. The site doesn't need losers like you trolling and claiming to be a photographer when we all know your not. Keep it coming we're loving it.

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