Sigma DP2M Vs the Sony A77

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Did you read the letter from the artist?

Domolo wrote:

I can't agree...
A painter uses specific colours, each choice is function of chromatic ratios and expressive will.
The materic part of the work comes later. First of all, for a correct reproduction of a painting, a camera must be faithfull to the colour choosed by the painter.
If I use a Veronese green instead of a Cinabro green. It must be reproduced as Veronese and the Sigma isn't faithfull in this, the Sony or the Pentax imho are far superior.
Instead  Sigmas are a good choice for carachoal, puntasecca and sculpture and any other tecnique where the materic part has a larger importance.

This is not just Gary's opinion.

At the end of the article the artist that had produced the work in the first place indicated she was thrilled with the way the camera captured the colors she spent a lot of effort blending.

The notion that the Sigma "is not faithful in this" sounds an awful lot like something said based only on theory, not experience. Some people claim that because of metamerism you cannot capture colors accurately with a Foveon sensor while never producing examples of that effect actually impacting real-world images, and at all while accurate image after image are churned out by people like Gary and Georges.

The people that claim you cannot capture accurate colors with Foveon sensors also ignore the larger array of variables that go into trying to capture accurate colors with a sensor when ever more that three spatially separated capture points go into the output of a single pixel in an image.  How can that system possibly yield more accuracy on anything except for a flat wash of monotone color or the simplest possible gradients?  Either way, far less suitable to reproducing artwork.

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