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Re: Pardon?

Zone8 wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

The Nikon image looks just so much better.  Showing the veils texture is not anything that improves this image.

Sorry Roland but I am really shocked at that remark.  Up until then I had always respected (if not always agreed with) your judgement.  That statement is totally preposterous.   If you genuinely regard the inferior Nikon image as the better of the two, then I really think something is wrong with your viewing arrangements.

The unsharp Nikon shot does not show the detail in any way that any bride would expect after carefully selecting her dress and accessories for her big occasion and the lack of definition would apply to anything else, like faces, rings, cakes, flowers, etc.

I too am starting to see a trend here in Roland's commenting in this forum. He started it with saying that the only way to compare a foveon output with bayer output was to limit the foveon's performance.

These are indeed worrying times. We are concerned, Roland.

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