What now for Ricoh?

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Need some help here Joel is wavering (grin)

Joel Stern wrote:

If they came out with a 35 mm module I could see using it as a fixed lens camera and not working about any more, it would handle better than the Fuji X100 and is smaller and would be small if they did not make it a macro. My 50mm, as much as I love it is bigger than I like, a bit heavy compared to smaller cameras (of course)... I would consider selling the 50 if they came out with a small 35mm.

Joel, it is a pity that you have determined not to try the GXR with A12 mount. I am sure that there are some experts on here who would find you a pretty little compact RF 20-24mm lens that would give you something between 30-36mm effective.  Those lenses are almost always in focus and all you need set is the aperture and the camera does the rest.

I know that I have oddball tastes in lenses, but I just ferreted out my LTM Russar MR-2 20mm f5.6 - this is a schmick-pretty lens on the GXR.  It is a bit expensive as they are fairly rare.  You might be better off with some Zeiss glass of suitable focal length.  There are a few Zeiss fans about who can advise.

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