What K bulbs for taking photos

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Re: What K bulbs for taking photos

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Hi i am looking to get some fluressant light bulbs and i have a T3 what K range bulbs work best I am using a photo box ?

I see they have 6500k , 5400K 5500K

anyone know what works best?



Probably more knowlege on this subject can be found in the Studio and Lighting Technique forum,


My guess is it doesn't matter, so long as you set the WB to match that K.  The T3 isn't able to directly set the WB as a K value, but the K value for the different presets is displayed when that preset is selected.  Or you can use the Custom WB feature (p. 115-116 of the instruction manual).

Best solution is to shoot RAW and correct the WB in post-processing using Digital Photo Professional (included with your T3) or other photosoftware.

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I did purchase these lights off E-bay

I think they should work out well


If you're going to be doing a lot of tabletop photography then you can save yourself a lot of time in post processing by investing in a 18% grey card. This will allow you to set correct exposure and white balance for each batch of images.

To set correct exposure place the card in the centre of the lit area and either spot meter from it or zoom in until the card fills the frame and then read the settings from the meter. Then switch to manual mode and use the aperture to control depth of field compensating for change in aperture by changing the shutter speed. e.g. if the grey card gives a reading of 1/200s @ f/4 @ISO 100 but you want more depth of field then bump the aperture up to f/8 and reduce the shutter speed to 1/50s. Doing this will mean that light thing will photograph as light and dark things will photograph as dark.

Setting custom white balance is explained on page 115 of the T3 manual. If you do this at the start of your session the correct colour balance will be applied across the entire session saving any fiddling in post processing.


Thanks for the tips .

I do have grey cards so i should be good to go.


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