Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

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Re: Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

To begin with I did think about nikon D7000 and D5100 for their low light capabilities and Canon 60D for high speed options and had almost no awareness about Sony being a strong player in the DSLR segment till very recently when i visited a camera store whose dealer is a keen photographer and exposed me to Sony's capabilities.

I was amazed when I was able to see Sony's capabilities in entry level models. Low light, high speed, focus peaking and the real Live view and so much more to simplify the learning curve a lot. When i played around with the camera I was kind of able to understand and use the features more easily which was I think the most amazing aspect of why I suddenly became so interested in looking at Sony Alphas.

Today again I went to the store and discovered that there is a 5 hour training session being provided by my dealer in collaboration with Sony for all buyers, which was great to know. I also saw some good lens options in Sony and Tamron.

However at the store i was advised to take up the kit lens and undergo this training first based on which I will be able to better understand my photographic priorities and decide additional gear which I would need. For example I got a glimpse of Sony 50mm 1.8 and low light fast focus, Wireless flash (the easy integration was amazing) how it could be used to create mind boggling visual effects and extend the photographic reach.

And as my dealer told me that as one sees more good equipment and lenses one's initial reaction is that one wants it, but does one need it is a totally different question. So i think I will only go with 18-55 Kit lens first and post the training and spending some time with the camera I should be able to figure out what challenges/limitations I am facing and decide on more equipment accordingly.

It was also good to know Sony is trying to push hard in this market, my dealer told me that flash hotshoe adapter is being provided at 1/4th the cost and some other discounts are being bundled on equipment to make the platform more competitive.

In fact my dealer was wanting me to look at A37 as well, so that i can spend more on the lens and gear, however i am somehow more sold on the better grip on A57s larger body. I will still think more about this i guess.

As far as the Canikon advice from my coach is concerned it is possible as someone stated that it could be due to his degree of comfort developed on the platform and with the experience from the past, however looking at my needs to today and whats on offer from Sony certainly are a good match.

Also receiving the right information on the Sony DSLR platform and lens options, and being able to know the strengths vis a vis Nikon/Canon/Others was extremely helpful.

I think i am more or less decided that Sony Alpha is the platform for me at the moment and the information I have received  certainly convince me that I need not worry on my ability to grow with Sony ecosystem as there is lots to explore for a hobbyist like me.

All in all must thank everyone who contributed to this response chain, it really helped in looking at my decision from the right perspective.

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