What's worse, marketing or the people influenced by marketing?

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Mike Ronesia
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Re: What's worse, marketing or the people influenced by marketing?

Sean Nelson wrote:

Mike Ronesia wrote:

All I'm saying is it is possible to get far without all the self promoting hype if you're good.

So if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door?

It may just be a reflection on the paucity of real innovation, but that seems to be much more the exception than the rule.

I didn't say it was extremely rare, but the post I quoted stated it as absolute and I was just saying there are exceptions. Coffee is also a different animal and products with a shelf life expectancy of a year or two require marketing without a doubt.

I personally hate advertising and there are more products I boycott because of ad's then there are I purchase because of them. People that spend time on these types of forums are most likely willing to do the research to make an informed decision and not be sucked in by marketing is my guess.

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