Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

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Many differences among cameras and lenses

mfa1999 wrote:

Thank you for all the comments.

I went out today and took more casual shots.

Shot in raw, imported into Aperture (default sharpness settings) and exported to jpg.

All camera settings are on default. P mode. I use a single center focus point in some shots and let the camera find focus points in others.

50mm 1.8 lens (the only one I have available now - but when used on my old 400D camera provided really good results).

What I am wondering about/worried about is that all of the shots look much more soft/blurry than what I am used to using my old 400D camera. It could be that I need to experiment more with the 7D and get more experience but I would expect the out-of-the-box result to be on par with my old 400D or even better.

I greatly appreciate comments.

I actually think that the deer shot turned out OK but e.g. the horse carriage is terrible.

Not only is one camera different than another (even with same models), but lenses work differently on different cameras. A lens that works great on one camera may not work great on another.  You may want to micro-adjust the focus of that lens on the 7D.

Do not expect to see the per pixel sharpness of the 400D with the 7D.  First, all Rebels use more post processing in-camera than the other dSLRs.  Secondly, the newer sensors are not like the older ones in the per pixel sharpness.

The horse carriage shot is indeed terrible.  To me it looks like the camera did not focus on anything. Perhaps you moved it too much while taking the shot; perhaps not. I cannot tell.  I think 1/60 s is not adequate for capturing a moving target. Not sure whether you used one shot or AIServo. With a shot like that I would have used an aperture of f/5.6.

Keep on shooting and learning the camera.  It would be nice if you could try another lens with it.

Good Luck!

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