Reason to buy a NEX

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Re: Reason to buy a NEX

VinceC wrote:

NEX-7 + 18-55mm + 55-200mm + 30mm Sigma + 19mm Sigma + HVL-F20AM flash + 3 spare batteries + lenspen + Hubba Nubba Hiney bag + 2026 grammes

Nikon D600 + 24-120mm + lenspen + Bilingham Hadley Digital bag = 2268 grammes

The bags weigh around the same.  I know I am comparing apples and pears, and I would not try and take photos in the dark with the NEX.  Nut in good light the NEX will seriously challenge the Nikon, and it does show how portable it is.

Best regards
Vince C

1st bag = 9 items.

2nd bag = 4 items.

9 items still weigh less than the other lets see the nex-7 with 1 lens (let's say the 18-200).

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