Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Why would photographers "demand"...

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Wojciech Sawicki wrote:

It was how digital SLRs first came to be. Pro and semi-pro Nikon bodies with digital backs. F3, F801, F90. you could easily take the back off and load film - which I used to do often. But what Theodoros means is a digital body that already contains all the essential electronics (card slots, processing and writing provisions, etc), with the sensor being the only interchangeable part.

A digital back has to contain all the electronics for handling data, processing, writing, it needs card slots, data ports and buttons for all digital functions (delete, format etc).

A modern application could no doubt be much smaller and neater, this mid-nineties monstrosity was huge, heavy, ugly as hell and very impractical. Until the DCS-315 they had no screens so you had no clue how your photo turned out. It had PCMCIA cards for memory (they were huge, especially the harddrive variation, and vulnerable to drops), and had SCSI ports for communication.

There was a different concept about, as far as I can remember... A digital film casette you could put in most cameras. I would sooo love that for use with vintage Zenits and Leicas! Sadly, I think the project died in its concept stage, there wasn't even a prototype.

If you ask me Wojciech, it's that we forgot to care or we forgot to bother., I mean the photographers to "demand"!

We "forgot" neither of those things. Sane people do not "demand" something that ​decreases performance in every conceivable way.

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