New DSLR with one demand and wishes...

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Re: New DSLR with one demand and wishes...

photosen wrote:

The demand I have is that I would avoid Chromatic Aberration and purple fringes as much as possible. I would say that I do not expect to shoot at more than 3200 ISO.

This is a function of the lens, not the camera; the good news is that with a DSLR you can choose the lens you like most. Some lenses control chromatic aberrations better than others. Reviews on and other such sites will tell you how each lens fares on each technical parameter, including that one.

Photosen is correct. C/A & purple fringeing is controled by the lens.the ability to conrol ISO "noise" is a function of the cameras sensor, & some do it better than others. If you are determined to stick with Canon Or Nikon, you need to go to some camera test sites. Again as Photosen suggested "Photozone" is a good place to start. The good news is that there are no bad cameras out there now, certainly not in the popular makes like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax Panasonic, Olympus etc, some do some things better like video, whereas others may excell with better focus systems, ISO control, or have a better burst rate [frames per second] Canon & Nikon have probably got a superior range of lenses to choose from, although 3rd party manufacturers like Sigma, Tamron & Tokina make lenses to fit most makes bodies. Buy or borrow a couple of books on digital photography before you commit yourself to an expensive purchase, then go out & try different ones, & try the menu system & controls to see if they suit your eye. Some can be more difficult to navigate than others. Ask for help if you need it & have fun choosing. You really shouldn't have a problem getting what you want, even if you buy used. Good luck.

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