G5 with old oly OM-1 lenses?

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Re: G5 with old oly OM-1 lenses?

You've gotten some great information, but there may be a few additional things to consider...

Although legacy mf lenses can and do work very well on m4/3, IME there are sometimes visible image quality compromises resulting from legacy film optical design vs the telecentric designs needed for digital sensors, or older optical designs that aren't as well-corrected and/or have less-effective lens coatings.

I usually get considerable purple fringing shooting color images with legacy lenses wide-open, especially with fast lenses. Stopping down 1-2 stops helps considerably, but doing that both increases depth-of-field, limiting your ability to isolate the subject, and requires slower shutter speeds and/or higher ISO.

Many fast legacy lenses are also softer wide-open compared to native m4/3 equivalents. Stopping down helps here as well, but with the same compromises and limitations noted above.

You can deal with softness, contrast and fringing in post processing, but that's not an advantage.

Using legacy lenses is a great way to move into m4/3 without a large cash outlay, but I found IQ issues encouraged me to buy m4/3 equivalents as soon as I could afford them, at least for the focal lengths that really mattered to me. I haven't found any affordable legacy primes that give me equivalent IQ to the Panny 20/1.7, Panny 25/1.4 or Oly 45/1.8. There are no affordable legacy alternatives for wider focal lengths, so I'm using m4/3 there as well.

Legacy lenses work best for me shooting product/macro (55/2.8 or 55/3.5 usually), or for longer focal lengths that I use very infrequently. I keep some 90-135mm legacy lenses around for those occasions.

There are times I want a different look, or the least dof possible, so I keep some ultrafast legacy 50s on hand for that. For some subjects/situations I might want to use a 50/1.2 i/o the Oly m4/3 45/1.8, but there are few times I'd want to use a legacy 50/1.8 i/o the 45/1.8.

If I were doing a significant amount of video work I could see the need to use more legacy lenses due to improved manual focusing ability.

Aquarius999 wrote:

I'm considering to purchase a G5, coming from Canon G series...It would be nice if I could reuse my old OM lenses (with adapter)...Is there a catch (besides the loss of AF)?


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