Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: Medium format digital already does it...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Glen78 wrote:

Doesn't seem far fetched to me. Medium format digital already does it to a certain extent.

And of 15 (not counting folks like Lomo and Holga) medium format camera and back manufacturers in business 12 years ago, three survive...

  • Pentax, who took the number one medium format spot, finishing off Blad and doing serious damage to Phase One, by building a single piece medium format DSLR that did not have an interchangeable back.
  • Leica, who went from a lab curiosity (the S1 scanning camera) to viable by doing like Pentax, and going to a one piece DSLR in the S2.
  • Phase One, who acquired the assets of the liquidated Mamiya and Leaf along the way, but still sees declining sales, even with two competitor's market shares in their bellies.

It's not far fetched that a camera company "could" do it. It is totally far fetched, far beyond the farthest fetched, to imagine anyone believing that it's viable and actually doing it.

Oh... come on Joseph! ...You are obviously right, but don't "ruin" my subject... We can obviously benefit from it if we raise a united voice.... forget about MF at the moment, we can come back whenever we save what we can...

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