FZ200- Want to be encouraged? Check this out!

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Re: FZ200- Want to be encouraged? Check this out!

RudyPohl wrote:

Click on the link below to see an original-sized shot (4000 pixels wide) of a squirrel I took a few weeks ago.

It was taken in a dense forest at ISO 800!!!!!! Look at his eyes and face and whiskers, the detail is breathtaking... this camera can do amazing things... now it's a matter of us discovering how we can reproduce results like these consistently.

Red Squirrel close up at ISO 800



I'm sorry to be the negative Boo Bird here, but have you looked at an image taken with the Panasonic GH2 or Olympus em5 with a good lens, like the Panasonic 25mm or the 75mm Olympus?

In comparison to that, this looks to me like a painting. A well-done painting, but not a photo.

I too used to be a FZ8 and FZ30 type of man, and then went dSLR, and now with micro 4/3. For the same size, or a bit more or less, than the FZ200, you can get a photo, not a painting. I don't mean this to be mean, I mean this to be helpful (yeah, sure, they say. But I do).

Take a look, please.

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