Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

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Re: Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

Thank you for all the comments.

I went out today and took more casual shots.

Shot in raw, imported into Aperture (default sharpness settings) and exported to jpg.

All camera settings are on default. P mode. I use a single center focus point in some shots and let the camera find focus points in others.

50mm 1.8 lens (the only one I have available now - but when used on my old 400D camera provided really good results).

What I am wondering about/worried about is that all of the shots look much more soft/blurry than what I am used to using my old 400D camera. It could be that I need to experiment more with the 7D and get more experience but I would expect the out-of-the-box result to be on par with my old 400D or even better.

I greatly appreciate comments.

I actually think that the deer shot turned out OK but e.g. the horse carriage is terrible.

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