Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

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Re: Bad example

Matt wrote:

There is not much in your photo that could be sharp. The only thing are really the thorns but they are overexposed so they turn into a white mess.  it is hard to tell if they are soft or blown.

Also your light is flat so that nothing will look sharp even if it was sharp.

Shoot something with high contrast, I.e. print with harder light and repost the picture. Also shoot at closer distance.

If you are worried about the camera not being sharp then use 2 lenses to make sure its not your lens that isnt sharp.

Ignore some of the "advise" you received in this thread ....

Thanks for comment. I will try to make a better test show tomorrow. Please also have a look at some more casual outdoors shots I took today (see other reploy to this thread). They are a lot more blurry than I would have expected (and used to with my old 400D camera).

I have a friend with a 7D as well. I might try to test with both camera and two lenses on each camera and compare results.

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