Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

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Re: Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

PC Wheeler wrote:

My first reaction to that shot is that you were shooting into a lot of light coming from the right side window.

The default sharpness in the 7D is not particularly sharp. You can change that (I have) in the settings for each picture style (e.g., Standard). Many users prefer to keep in-camera sharpness low and sharpen in post processing. I prefer more sharpness for "snapshots" done my 7D but use less when I know I'm going to post process (like when shooting astro images with my 60Da).

Yes, I will try to experiment with in-camera sharpness. I must admit that I expected the out-of-the-box result to be somewhat better. I didn't tamper with camera settings on my old 400D and I found the results to be more sharp with that camera.

Also please notice that the photo I posted was a raw shot converted into jpg without post-process at all.

I will post some more photos in another reply to this thread that are better at showing the bluryness that I am wondering about.

Thanks for comment.

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