A fun moment caught with my D600 and 85mm lens

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Re: A fun moment caught with my D600 and 85mm lens

Kabe Luna wrote:

brianjb wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

nikonjapan74 wrote:

85 1.8 or 85 1.4?

the 85 1.8

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Shoot like it's your last day..

Is it the 1.8D or 1.8G?  The harsh bokeh leaves me thinking the 1.8D.  If it is the 1.8G, then I guess I am glad I returned mine and kept my 1.4D.  Unless of course you did something in post to cause it, the bokeh looks downright awful.  It is so bad and distracting that it literally hurts my eyes.  It might be nice to see what the pic looks like straight out of the camera.

How do people thing post-processing can alter lens bokeh? This mystifies me. Neil posting a picture without his processing isn't going to alter the lens optical characteristics.

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How do you think that it doesn't alter what is put in front of the viewer?  We aren't talking about "lens bokeh" after the image has been processed.  Processing can alter everything.  The way it alters the original bokeh, in this case, is applying microcontrast to it, removing the typical buttery look and applying contrast to it, making it harsh and ugly.  The harsh and ugly is my opinion of course but what this image exhibits is pretty clearly harsher processed bokeh than what it was out of the camera.

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