Bad Canon 7D (not sharp) or is it me?

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Re: Bad example

Shoot something with less light . My 50 1.8 [ mk 1 ]  is really slow focusing in bright light .

Mirror lock up is fine - with remote - but with out a remote you introduce  shaking if you are letting camera focus .

Put camera lens in manual , focus it , then try shot . But like others have said , the high lights are blown out - so try a different time of day or try shooting something else in room . Or move the plant from the window .

You have a great learning shot here . Write down your settings , look at the historygram and take a bunch of shots - going from Auto , AV , TV , move plant out of light and do the same . By the way the exif data records and you can look at that . The 7D can also be set up to veiw the historygram of shots after they are taken .

By the way , the 50 is a prime and unless I am in a low light area , I don't use . Any auto focus camera focuses at the widest lens opening - the 50 is 1.8 , my 17-55 is 2.8 and my 10-22 is 3.5 [ I think ] then shifts to your setting . The camera / lens focuses at 1.6 in this case and focus point does not change - the focus area does depending on your F setting - before someone post other wise - try f 1.8 and then f 22 - you will notice a big difference in shot .

Post is to long and other will chime in - - post what you find , most of us check the box " Subscribe to email updates " to see if we were wrong or someone has better idea .

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