JPEG or RAW : Photographer's choice

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Re: JPEG or RAW : Photographer's choice - TIFF vs JPEG

Unrelated, but similar...

Scanning old slides or photos is a challenge, at best of times. When organizing older scans, set in JPEG, I needed to do some WB and other adjustments. (Obviously, my scanning criteria were not correct at the time...). Nothing really worked well. The files were about 5,5 megs, with 100 quality.

For fun, I rescanned a few, this time outputting as TIFF (which is similar to RAW) as well as JPEG (with better criteria).

File size in TIFF was around 25 meg, versus about 1.5 in JPEG. Image quality was similar, as expected.

My lesson, which I believe can be applied to JPEG vs RAW, is that if, by any chance, you set your JPEG criteria wrong, it may prove difficult to FIX the output. When scanning, that is not a problem as we (hopefully) still have the original. When shooting, the original is gone... for ever.

As a few others said: shoot RAW and JPEG. Or RAW only. I add my vote to the first group. Better be safe than sorry!

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