Is it possible to block DPreview's pop-ups?

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Questions thread
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Solution - but with side effects

These "popups" are JavaScript-based UI objects you cannot get rid of them as like, for example, window popups.

You can always disable JavaScript (Safari->Preferences->Security->uncheck "Enable JavaScript") but then all JavaScript-related features will not work (test it, and check the menus; links work but the collapse effect doesn't).

So that might be a very simple solution. But don't forget to recheck JavaScript, otherwise you will experience heavy limitations on features of other websites too. JS is quite common.

Edit: ad-blocking plugins should normally not work. Ads - even JS enable or not - are simply calls to external snippets that are embedded in the page at runtime. Ad-blockers usually block access to these "external" calls, but have no influence on JS. Thus, you may tweak ad-blocking plugins as much as you want, normally it should have no influence on these features.

I might dive into the code to highlight the scripts that do this if you want, but it doesn't worth the effort.

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