why people ask questions about a D7000 ?

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Me too

Arree wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Arree wrote:

evan47 wrote:

why all the fuss? this thread is pretty pointless , does not really achieve anything and has run its course. time to close it.

I didn`t want to start a discussion, just stated a fact.  8-)

Then if you did not want to start a discussion...then why did you start a thread?  That seems a bit like driving onto the highway without wanting to go anywhere.

So you always go somewhere, never drive for the fun of driving ?

Even when driving for fun...the car does go somewhere

I was not sure the D7000 was in or out, so probably wanted to know for sure at the moment i started this thread.

So it was a question and note a statement of fact

No harm intended..

Just having fun...sorry to bother.

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