Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: It's here

Leif Goodwin wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

1. That is why I didn't reply when you was expecting me too...

2. If a sensor would cost them 300... it would come 5000 to you... now you can refer to the ones that ..."know"! You are not going to have another reply (you wasn't either if you didn't post "you refuse to reply"...), not because you are trolling or "funboying" (you are obviously not)... just because I think you are very "stubborn" to understand reality and you can "die a donkey with your logic"...,

So, if someone does not simple accept statements you make without any justification, they are stubborn and a donkey.

"Die a donkey" refers to the recipient ...for anyone that follows the conversation... and yes man you can ..."die a donkey"! ...i.e. donkey is supposed to be an animal that can take it all...

you obviously believe all the crap you are reading in web no?

Have you not worked out that I do not believe your claims?


...I mean you are the kind of "i heart in TV"

Not sure what you mean. I do not watch TV, so if the reference lies there I am lost.

I simply mean "wide spread truth".... it must be true, ....believer no? ...To your surprise, I like you...

This could be the start of something beautiful ...

...why not?

I like your "defense line" principal... its what you are used to and you are "protecting" it because "it serves you" but its got a principal behind it and that I like...

Is this psychobabble?

NO!'s what I like about you!

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Theodoros, look I do not claim to know for sure, but I find your claims hard to credit, since you do not support them with evidence. I did a quick Google:

Now I am sure that you will agree that Thom Hogan is a sane, intelligent person, a bit of a moaner at times ( I added that cheeky comment in case he is reading this ) but he is more in touch with the industry and its costs than most commentators out there. And in the above he says:

"Manufacturing rule of thumb is you multiply parts cost by 3.5 to get retail price impact, so a US$400 sensor means that there is US$1400 worth of cost in the final product implied by the sensor alone."

So it looks like I was wrong about the markup, his figure is x3.5 not x2, and I greatly underestimated the total cost of the sensor in the camera too, so from your point of view this looks even worse. I promise I am trying not to look too smug, or to smirk too much. Well, sort of.

I do think that TH is a mindless troll... but that's my opinion...!


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