Here are some facts you should know about PDAF in 3rd Gen NEX.

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Re: Here are some facts you should know about PDAF in 3rd Gen NEX.

My take on this is that hybrid autofocus on the new NEX works, but only somewhat better than CDAF on the earlier NEX models and not as well as PDAF on DSLR's.  That was to be expected.

On sensor PDAF is a new technology and the early versions (Fuji, Nikon, Canon, and now Sony) have been hampered by various factors including the fact that processors, especially the small ones in these small bodies, are not yet fast enough to handle the huge simultaneous data streams of the sensor with CDAF, PDAF, and EVF.

In a DSLR there is more space for a larger processor chip, cooling, and bigger battery, and the Live View and sensor functions are switched off (obscured by the mirror) while the processor only needs to handle the PDAF data stream during focussing.  That is why the bigger DSLR's can do wonderful tracking but the mirrorless cameras cannot (yet).

By all accounts including this much appreciated one from the OP, Sony at least got hybrid autofocus to work.  That is really good news.  Now we only need to wait for Moore's Law to gradually bring maturity through faster processors.

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