DXO - lens reviews - 300mm f/2.8 IS II - that bad ???

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Re: DXO - lens reviews - 300mm f/2.8 IS II - that bad ???

Yea, a smart move. I tested and looked at the tests a dozen times. I just went to DXO and looked at the lens performance with the Canon 7D which I shoot and the resolution borders on poor. Which was worse than I thought. But after shooting with it daily for six months for birds. I know for a fact now it is not as sharp. It shows a much better resolution on a full frame 20-22 mp sensor. Which is about right.

I know for a fact I will look at DXO before I buy another Canon product for birding. It is a good lens just no great optically.

Personally looking at, and reading the way they test and how the resolution works on different cameras ( sensors ) and why. There 300mm f2.8 ll glass performs better. Between 18-22mp. Very low pixel density. Compared to the 7D. When the pixel density increases and resolving power increases the lens suffers extremely bad.

Smoke and mirrors as far as I am concerned.

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