Luminous Landscape Fuji X-E1 Review

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Re: Luminous Landscape Fuji X-E1 Review

Milkman wrote:

He got most everything right.  I was a little surprised that he didn't mention the poor RAW support especially since he highlights that he uses RAW except for family shots.  The rest of the deficiencies were not surprising.   I don't have a problem with where the shutter release, but I would like to get to video mode much easier.

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He may not have pointed it out as good RAW support does exist. SilkyPix or RPP. If he starts getting into Adobe or Aperture specific comments, then he may as well say Nikon's have poor RAW support as their own software or NIK do a much better job at rendering than Adobe or Apple.

This is an issue of people not willing to change their workflow. In spite of the fact, over the years, they've changed it countless times on their own.  The bundled browser is the worst I've seen in a long time. However, the standalone raw converter/editor Fuji includes is quite nice and very responsive on my Mac. I now use Photo Mechanic as a browser and point it to the standalone raw app for edits. Works like a charm, I get better end results and don't have to moan and groan about poor raw support from my former software package.

The complaints about raw support are promoted by a vocal group who places software choice above IQ. For those interested in maximizing IQ, they've been using other apps for a while.  I can see pros wanting a well accepted app that's available on any machine they work on while at developers or clients. That is a small group. What I hear from the pros is SilkyPix or RPP, which I assume is what most of them use as IQ is more important than convenience.

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