Nikon portraits artistic taste or limitations

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Re: not so simple...

Sure I can use different color profiles on my digital cameras, and spend time transforming how my RAW files are read.

But that doens't change the fact all cameras have a "native" starting point.

I can change my D700 colors to match my DMF back in post, but nothing in the world will change the fact that I prefer a nicer starting point.

Hmm I don't quite understand your point.

If you shoot Raw, the color tones are entirely dependent on the processing software. Camera color profiles are simply saved as meta data and can be completely ignored.

All you have to do is come up with tone settings that you like, save it, and apply to all of your pictures at import time by default. That would be your "starting point".

The *only* reason to complain about camera tones is if you plan to shoot JPEG.

That's why you'll always hear fashion photographers saying how important color is to them.

Its absolutely important, which is why you don't let the camera decide what they will be.

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