Reikan Focal D800 Multi Point Focus results --- Post them here

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John Harrison
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Re: Reikan Focal D800 Multi Point Focus results --- Post them here

Robin Casady wrote:

John Harrison wrote:


I have the same problem with FoCal. Every time the same lens was tested it gave a differing result.

the latest version will not run now after the upgrade to 1.6 on my machine.

Opened a support ticket with Reikan and had the ticket cancelled twice without any response offered.

Seems it is not all it is cracked up to be.

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That could mean they know what the problem is and it will take a new version to fix it. Or, it could mean they can't make it work and have given up. It would be nice if they would at least give you a status report.

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Yes it would be nice, but nothing has been forthcoming I have all but given up on it. Maybe at a later date things will change. I tried re-installing after removing the program fully. I even removed and re-installed .NET4 to no avail.

All my other programs run fine so I assume it's not my machine.

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