Luminous Landscape Fuji X-E1 Review

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Re: Luminous Landscape Fuji X-E1 Review

ispress wrote:

Can any current XP1 owners comment on the focus-point adjustment issue he describes?

The other design shortcoming is a harder fix and relates to the placement of the AF button, at the back bottom left of the camera.  One of the pleasures of working with an EVF is the ability to focus pretty much anywhere in the field of view.  The catch is that to change the focus-point, one has to press the AF button. With the camera to one’s face, this is hard to do.  I kept shoving my left thumb up my nose.  In a perfect world, the ‘move the focus point’ function could be activated by pressing a button somewhere on the front of the camera with the left hand, while scrolling the focus-point with the four-way controller with the right. All while the camera remains at eye level.

He's right, but whether its an issue for you is another matter. I tend to lock focus and recompose and always use center point focus for that, so its a non-issue for me. The only time I'd be likely to move the focus point would be if I was shooting macros or using a tripod and in either case I'd probably be  using the rear screen to compose rather than the OVF/EVF. And I frankly end up moving the focus point SOOOOO rarely that I don't even give this a second thought. But if you're the kind of shooter who likes to move the focus point around the frame a lot, its a real consideration - the AF button is not well located for this.


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