diffraction and the D5100

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Re: diffraction and the D5100

Catallaxy wrote:

It depends on your lens - with the understanding that we have removed the variable of sensor size and megapixels since you stated a D5100....

For most lenses, the sweet spot is f/5.6 (generally one or two stops past wide open) except for some consumer zooms, which sharpen up a bit at f/8. By f/11 on DX, you are in diffraction territory, but you may not notice it very much or you may decide that the extra DOF is worth the loss in sharpness. However at f/16, nearly any lens on DX is noticeably softer than at f/8, so f/16 is my absolute limit on DX.

You can look at photozone.de, lenstip.com, slrgear.com, and even the lens reviews on DPReview to see how a given lens performs at various apertures.

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thanks for your input everyone!

I'm aware of the lenstests at various sites, but they can't tell me the aperture at which I will get the sharpest overall image. Lets say the sweetspot of the lens is at f5.6, at that aperture my DOF is still pretty limited resulting in a blurry part. The next time I'm out taking landscape shots I'll do some testing to see where I notice the diffraction myself. After all that is all that matters.

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