Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: You are, if nothing, predictable :)

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Arguing for the purpose of arguing again buddy...? Guess what... it will make you "friendly" to trolls (which you are not)... please post where you disagree with the topic instead of opposing unsupported claims that are only impressions... it's not beneficial for you this way... there is no problem for sensor alignment, nor future tech advancement in processors does undervalue the benefit... no?

About arguing for the sake of arguing: Well, look who is calling the kettle black

I am disagreeing with the topic of replaceable sensors because it is a lot more complex, thus more expensive, the you seem to believe.

You keep repeating that there is "no problem for sensor alignment" where I have spoken with many people, which I know to be knowledgeable, who say it really is problematic. You might be a tremendously skilled engineer, but you are still one single voice arguing against a large number of people who think differently (now I am referring to people I have had this discussion with in the past six or seven years, not so much about this thread).

It does not take much of a engineer to realize that building a replaceable sensor is very likely quite complex.

First because, contrary to what you want to believe, it is technically difficult to replace a sensor without also replacing a lot of the supporting electronics (processor, readout circuitry, buffers and so on). And making those parts so generic it is less of a problem causes other problems like less performance.

Second because it will physically require a more of the very things all manufacturers are trying hard to get rid of - high precision mechanical parts.

Third because todays fixed-sensor cameras are (historically speaking) already fairly cheap, meaning it is hard to compete with them for a different solution.

If you have any concrete arguments to support your claim, feel free to elaborate how you are going to make this work with high enough precision and still be cheap to build. I would love to hear it. But just repeating you really, really want it will not convince me.

P.S. The cost of being able to upgrade the processor, is related on demand for the matter I mean if you never demand on it, will never happened

But how large is the demand, really? I mean outside the small world of technically interested enthusiasts?

A product must have mass market appeal to be cheap, or it will become quite expensive (like small audience products like a D4). How many photographers really want a more complex, albeit more flexible, camera? Not that many I am afraid.

I like the idea with a replaceable sensor. I also like the idea of owning a Ferrari. I am however not willing to pay for either. I seriously doubt there are enough people around who want a replaceable sensor enough for it to become commercially viable.

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