Canon 50mm(1.4) VS Sigma 30mm (1.4)

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Re: Canon 50mm(1.4) VS Sigma 30mm (1.4)

Also, it seems early complaints of extremely soft/miscalebrated Sigma 30s seem to have died down.  I bought mine about a year ago and it's pretty sharp.  The corners at large apertures are not so much "soft" as "smokey" until about f5.6.  It's pleasant though.

My usual kit is the 30mm 1.4 and my 10-20 EF-S... those two lenses really give me everything I need.  As far as zooming goes, well, we all have feet - you'll get a bit more exercise out of the 30mm and I find that walking up to objects to photograph them tends to reveal more than just standing from a distance and zooming into everything.  You see different perspectives when you're walking around with a normal or wide-zoom lens.

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