PC File sharing over my own wireless network

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Thomas Karlmann
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Re: Still not working.

Bob Collette wrote:

You mentioned in your first post that you're not using passwords on either computer.  That may be your problem.  I believe that with Windows Home Premium (Vista & Win7), you have to use a password to share anything other than the Public folder.  Try creating a password on both machines and see if that does the trick.  If it does, you can setup both machines so that they don't prompt you for the password at bootup (automatically applies it).

There is an option to forego passwords -- just don't ask where where.  I affected this.  Before that password-defeating feature, I got an error message sooner.  Now, the User and a few otehr useless places are accessible, but not my actual data location -- which is just a DIR I created, and shared, as best I could.

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