5D3 sensor cleaning

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Re: 5D3 sensor cleaning

Breitling wrote:

I cleaned sensor with Eclipse yesterday, took me 3 swabs to complete. Looks great now, I believe those stubborn spots are came from the factory but really who knows? Use to be visible only on F16-22.

Should I throw Eclipse II away or it is still good for filters cleaning? Why did they stopped making it?

E2 was originally developed for SONY I believe for their tin-oxide coats on the anti-aliasing filter over the sensor..  They applied the same recommendation to Canon's Tin Oxide coated sensors...  Later on after doing their own testing they stated the regular Eclipse was also just as good and safe...  The E2 caused a lot of streaking issues and just was a pain to use...  They just discontinued it as a lot of people had these issues and the Original solution worked so much better...  I still have a bottle of the E2 as well, and yes it could be put to work on filters!


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