Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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You are, if nothing, predictable :)

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Now you've started arguing, posting all irrelevant matters that you can think off... While you agree with me, you started prejudging what people want and my relationships with people... What sensor I want on some of my D800s is up to me... The MFDB cost has come down, (ever noticed a Leaf 5 price ?) ...while on the other hand, the shrinkage of demand doesn't allow further shrinkage if survival comes into consideration... further..., (take it from one that has a MechEng British degree) you have no real info on how easy positioning of sensor is, ...neither any knowledge to support it, are just guessing... and try to support a false argument for the shake of supporting it!

So I have started arguing? How terribly rude of me to argue in a discussion  

I guess the only thing you are really looking for are that people should agree with you? You keep starting threads with - I must say - often interesting topics. But then completely disregard of anything anybody else have to say (unless they agree completely with your assumptions) and seem to be terribly insulted when people actually have different opinions then you have.

To answer some of the specfics you bring up above:

1) No, I do not agree with you. That is why I am arguing. This is a very normal course of a discussion, and can at times be rather interesting. It is actually one reason for forums to exist.

2) I have not started pejudging 'people' (but you seem freqently to do that)

3) I do not care one bit about your relationships with people (where did that come from?)

4) What sensor you want in your D800 is up to you, but when you make that desire the topic of something like every second post you make in this forum it does sound a bit like a broken record.

5) About the Leaf Aptus II 5 price: a) it was released in 2009 (making it a bit of yesterdays news), b) it is not particularily affordable

6) Your point of me having no real info on sensor positioning: Well I did bring up one example (the D3 sensor whe upgrading buffer) while you have brought no examples or technical arguments to support your assertion that it is no proble to position a digital sensor.

7) As for guessing, I let others be the judge who, out of the two of us, which is doing the most guessing here

By the way..., there is no reason why processor and buffer electronics won't be made upgradeable also..., after all a good body is what costs more (by far) in what we pay and we have every right to replace it whenever we like... not because film improved a bit.... this was never a reason to upgrade body and lenses in photography and there is no reason (other than funboyism) to support the opposite.... 

I am sure there was a intention of yours to make a point of some sort here, but unfortenately it is hard to find among all the words.

But, in response to the point of "there is no reason why processor and buffer electronics won't be made upgradeable" it might be possible technically. But at what price? And at what benefit?

Just because something is technically possible, it does not mean it makes much if any commercial sense. The medium format manufacturers have provided us with plenty of proof of that.

The idea of a modular camera with replaceable components sound very nice - in theory. Much like the ideas (used to be common, nor rarely seen) about a digital back to put in a old 35 mm camera made for film. But they bot fail for the same reason: The technical hurdles are much to expensive to overcome in relation to the usefulness of the resulting product.

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