Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: Maybe you should try reading posts before you reply

Now you've started arguing, posting all irrelevant matters that you can think off... While you agree with me, you started prejudging what people want and my relationships with people... What sensor I want on some of my D800s is up to me... The MFDB cost has come down, (ever noticed a Leaf 5 price ?) ...while on the other hand, the shrinkage of demand doesn't allow further shrinkage if survival comes into consideration... further..., (take it from one that has a MechEng British degree) you have no real info on how easy positioning of sensor is, ...neither any knowledge to support it, are just guessing... and try to support a false argument for the shake of supporting it!

By the way..., there is no reason why processor and buffer electronics won't be made upgradeable also..., after all a good body is what costs more (by far) in what we pay and we have every right to replace it whenever we like... not because film improved a bit.... this was never a reason to upgrade body and lenses in photography and there is no reason (other than funboyism) to support the opposite....

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