Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

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Re: Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

gl2k wrote:

Let me sum up. So I buy a 36 mpx cam and then later reduce images in size if I want to give them some above average pp. That's a good one. So what's the sense in buying then 36 mpx  body anyway ?

TBH I really do believe that the D4 is much more what the average enthusiast really needs and wants. Unfortunately the price is far beyond what most non pros are willing to spend.

I beleive that when Canon enters the megapixel war again and make a real D800 competitor, Nikon will respond with a "real 5D III competitor", a faster shooting, lower megapixel almost-pro body. On the other hand the D4 price seems to drop a little bit and the difference between the 1Dx and D4 is now over 1000€ locally (denmark). And at least we have the D3s, if HD video isnt important.

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