Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

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Re: Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

michaeladawson wrote:

Leos wrote:

hand I found some of the small UI improvements very good, like the quick ISO adjusting and the new AF mode switch also worked quite well actually. I also enjoyed the built-in crop lines for other formats really nice.

With regard to the crop lines.  The different crop formats are nice.  However, I don't believe you get the crop lines unless you are actually in one of the crop modes.  In other words, I can't show the crop lines for other formats and still save the full FX frame.  I would love to have 4x5 crop lines in the viewfinder but still save the full size image.

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Mike Dawson

Hi Mike, no you are right. That isnt possible, but on the other hand WYSIWYG and it does increase the framerate 25% and make for more manageable file sizes. Still no free meals - noise is becomming problematic sooner as you loose some of the "noise reduction by downsampling" potential in the process.

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