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PhotoKhan wrote:

UZI2D30 wrote:

Yes, Jim, we can.

The probable cause has already been brilliantly diagnosed by Mikael Risedal.

What a are you waiting for, before sending it to Canon along with some samples and a letter stating what you (MR) suspected it to be?

This forum already accomplished its most useful function. Now act.


And by the way, if every one JUST sent their camera in we'd never know that there are at least two 1DXs that out of the box experience this same problem when shooting completely within the advertised specs of the camera. So yes, the forum is serving it's purpose once again. Unfortunately very few of the posts have helped.

1. It is wrong to vent your frustration on me. If for nothing else, because I am on your side.

2. The problem has been diagnosed.

3. In spite of the existing and diagnosed example the OP seems to have not yet taken the next logical and appropriate step: Send it in so Canon can have a word and/or action about it.

4. Other afflicted owners should send their cameras to Canon too.

5. "Non-believers" are best ignored.

6. If this is not an occasional incidence but rather a product "characteristic" the title will show up in searches and the subject will pop up in multiple threads, as it has happened before.


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To put this one to rest, I have taken action on this issue, I am hoping for positive results soon.

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