Did we concede this forum to D600?

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Re: I'm curious why you think we get a vote?

sandy b wrote:

Of course we can express opinions, but seems to me the deal is done.


My OP goes back to the point of separate forums - why is there are separate forum for the D100/200/300 then?  Please somebody attempt to use logic why the D300 doesn't belong with the D700, but the D600 belongs with the D2?  And whatever those reasons are, why do they not equally apply to the D600?

D600 is being lumped with the other current cameras (D4/800/800E) from which it shares no metering, AF, sensor, or body style, button styles etc. but solely shares a sensor size.

That's why I raised the topic.

dpreview also poorly named the forums.  The only forum with the word "Pro" in it is the D100/200/300 forum.

And this forum is called "full frame" but includes a bunch of legacy crop cameras - so tell me, when Nikon comes out with the equivalent of a D5100 set of features in a FF camera, dpreview is going to lump that camera here too judging by the poor name of the forum? This is a motley collection of cameras for a single forum.

I don't think dpreview used clear logic in setting their forum boundaries, except for I guess the *people* of this forum are probably all serious shooters because these cameras are >2K.  But then the *people* in the D300 forum are serious shooters too.

I can also say, what set me off was a couple threads by new D600 owners with dirty sensors treating it as some kind of conspiracy.  Just clean the darn thing and move on!

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