Test Shot a 5DmkIII for the first time.

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Re: Test Shot a 5DmkIII for the first time.

RGL1215 wrote:

Wow, what a robust feeling body to hold. It really impressed much more than the 7D, so much so that I'm poo pooing the 7D now. I know the specs of both bodies but the price difference is huge. More than double. For all those that went the extra mile and got the 5DmkIII over say a 7D, was it worth the extra coin?

The 7D and the 5DIII use the same body. There are just a couple of minor differences in the buttons.

Having owned both I would say that it is not worth the extra money.... unless you can tell me which specific feature of the 5DIII you need.

The 7D takes great photos, so does the 5DIII. Buying the 5D wont make you a better photographer. In fact, if you like to shoot sports or wildlife it will be worse as the extra reach of the 7D cropped sensor helps with those genres.

What would make you a better photographer would be to buy a 7D and then spend the difference on some really good photography lessons or better glass. You could also have an expensive holiday to some amazing far away destination where you can grab some great photos you will never get at home with a 5DIII.

Don't get me wrong, I love the 5DIII. It is a great camera but just having an expensive camera isn't all there is to photography.

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