Back focus issues with old minolta AF lenses from ebay?

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Re: Back focus issues with old minolta AF lenses from ebay?


Over the last year I have brought and sold alot of minolta lenses. When this forum whent crazy with FF/BF I test my first 50mm 1.7 lens and found it to have a little Back Focus. I then sold it & brought a 50mm 1.4 but found it to back focus alot on my A55 so I sold it. I have since picked up another KM 50mm 1.7 that has had very little use. This lens focused perfectly on my A55, it actualy focuses better in AF than I can focus it in MF.

I have just upgraded to a A65 so when I read you thread I went and tested the 50mm 1.7 on the new toy. As you can see focus is perfect, as stated this lens has had very little use so I do not know if this plays a part. I have never used the sony edition but I have used the canon equivilent and can say that there is a lot of pleasure gained from using a minolta lens with the feeling of a well built piece of equipment. I also have a KM 50mm 2.8 macro and it focuses perfectly.

My focus test

This has been croped. You can notice that the 22 & 18 are about the same amount of out of focus.

I hope this has helped. I know that in Australia as long as you dont pay a crazy price for a used minolta lens then they can be resold for the same, no loss.

As I remember I believe no one was game to do this test with a sony edition, I would be interested to see how reliable thay are.


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