Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

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Re: Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

Yemble wrote:

MrCool77 wrote:

However, when I met our Photography coach before enrolling in the class, he advised me against going for Sony and asked me to choose Canon or Nikon. He cited multiple reasons, range of lenses and equipment, Service options and also that the Sony platform will not be the right investment from a growth perspective.

You have just met your first Canikon snob.  He is an idiot to imply that there are only two companies out there making high end cameras with a decent (relevant) range of lenses.  You could choose, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, Sigma, etc., etc. and get fantastic results from any of them - it is you, not the kit that makes the difference!

Unless you are a well paid professional sports photographer with extremely deep pockets, you are unlikely to ever require the ultra specialist lenses that are available in the Canon / Nikon brochures that may not be duplicated by other manufacturers - so this is a non-issue.  By service options, I presume that he is refering to lens rentals, which again is only really applicable to a small number of well paid professionals.

I would enroll on a course with a tutor who actually concentrates on photographic techniqes rather than equipment brands!

Looking at the photos from different camera brands, it is becoming har t tell them apart. I have seen some photos  from nex 6 which are just great. However what this particular coach did is not an isolated case. If you read most of the photography books, while the authors may mention many camera brands, they still stress on the big two. This shows that Sony has a lot of work to do to achieve a paradigm shift.

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