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I AM being honest WalterSrChat, why woudn't I be?

WalterSrChat wrote:

Jim 123 wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

brian1366 wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Sorry but I don't see bands of any color.

I see the banding. Some of you that don't need to adjust you monitors. I'd be worried about editing photos on a monitor you can't see the OP's banding on.

Thank you but my screen is calibrated.  I see a very high ISO photo with shadows.  But not bands of color.

Here's another one that is a better example.

Did it occur to you that he is not being honest about the cause of the coloration?

Let’s consider a few visible items:

  1. He is using an ultra-wide angle lens up close which will distortion the image and light.
  2. There is an alternate light coming from the bottom of the picture.
  3. There is the possibility a vertical venison blind is at the window or the light is being distorted as it enters from the other direction.
  4. A showdown is being cased on the wall caused by light from the bottom part of the picture.
  5. Look at the light on the boys hand and the shadow on the wall by the table! 
  6. What he said:
  7. Why haven’t he sent the camera and pictures to canon for inspection/repair?

He is not being honest with US!

Walter Sr

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I am out to take the perfect picture, if it exits!


Thanks for your interest in my situation. I can address your items:

1. Yes, 16-35 lens, I am guessing, but wouldn't the "pattern noise" or "banding" follow the curve if the distortion, and not be exactly straight?

2.  I have provided multiple pictures that display "pattern noise" or "banding" in different ways, now including one in bright outside light.

3.  See my other images here and make your determination.

4.  I am not sure what you mean by this.

5.  I am not sure what you mean by this.

6.  I stand corrected, however see my other images and understand why this is irrelevant.

7.  I have taken action regarding this issue.

I can understand your skepticism but to insist that I would take the time and effort to be intentionally dishonest is both amusing and sad.  I don't understand your reason for doing so.  I hope you have taken the time to see all of the images and responses posted here before you decided to call me a liar.  What would be your explanation for the picture at the top of this post?  Like I said before, I stumbled upon this issue by accident and just wanted to ask a few questions to get to the bottom of it, not stir up controversy or get insulted.  I love everything about this camera and became worried when I saw the "striping" and feared it would become more severe.  I am working toward a solution right now, and hope to have good things to say soon....


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