Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

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Re: Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

MrCool77 wrote:

Hi all,

I am graduating from the world of P&S (FZ 50) to SLRs and was intrigued by SLT A57s reviews and what i saw at the store. I was looking to order one and dedicatedly learn photography (as a hobby not profession).

However, when I met our Photography coach before enrolling in the class, he advised me against going for Sony and asked me to choose Canon or Nikon. He cited multiple reasons, range of lenses and equipment, Service options and also that the Sony platform will not be the right investment from a growth perspective.

I still like a57's the SLT technology and features (which seem to be better than entry level Canon, Nikon) but I am also confused now as our coach is photography veteran, professional and specialist in industrial and interior photography and his views certainly come from a lot of experience.

I also dont want to invest a lot into a entry level camera, but certainly want something which can be my learning platform for next 3-5 years. Also i will only invest in a few basic lenses to begin with 1 or 2 (suggestions welcome) but again would like to see if I can use them even when I change/upgrade cameras.

Since there are so many great photographers who have experience with Sony and other platforms, i would appreciate your guidance and thoughts on this issue.


He sounds like the typical "Afraid of new stuff" Canikon guy.

Range of lenses? Sony (along with minolta, sigma, tamron, etc) have more than enough lenses, and you have autofocus carl zeiss lenses which he can only dream of. Sure, Canon/Nikon have more lenses - but do you need to buy 100 lenses? Chances are, you will have 3-7 lenses, and Sony has the range you need. Plus you don't need to buy IS/VR lenses as it's built into the body.

Service options are a mixed bag - they're excellent where I live. Sony is pushing hard to expand their service network so that's not really too much of a concern.

We have many veterans of fashion, event, interior, etc photography on sony too. I think he's just stuck in his old ways, or maybe feels insecure that the Sonys can do things his camera can only dream of (fast AF in live view, real-time image preview and review in the viewfinder, no mirror slap, etc etc).

I know far far more Canon/Nikon photographers who invested in the sony system after seeing what it can offer than those who say only Canon/Nikon are good (which kind of makes you wonder if he's really a good coach if he is brand-centric, after all there's also pentax, olympus, etc etc).

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