Fixed lens 4/3 compact?

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Sergey Borachev Veteran Member • Posts: 4,703
Re: Fixed lens 4/3 compact?

Great idea, but don't make it cheap and try to compete with the endangered low-end compacts.  We still do not have a full function and high-performance fixed lens compact with a larger sensor.  This is still an untapped market, except for the Canon G1X, Fuji X100 and some rangefinder-like digital cameras with all their serious limitations in IQ, features, balance and/or value.

M43 has no answer at all for the Sony (NEX-6 + 16-50mm) kit, a small and convenient all-in-one high-end camera.  Nobody else has either. A fixed lens compact from Olympus or Panasonic exactly like this kit would be awesome, but with a M43 PDAF sensor from Sony, i.e. built-in hi-res EVF, PDAF+CDAF, 10 fps, built-in flash, tilting (4:3) LCD, HDR, Focus Peaking, Wi-Fi, a proper grip and also a very compact (when collapsed) 24-75mm equiv motorised zoom.  It should be even lighter than the Sony kit, due to the smaller sensor (and therefore also a smaller lens) and the removal of the lens mount. Or, it should be possible to put in a 24-85mm equivalent lens with the same dimensions given the smaller M43 sensor.

A price of $850 should be achievable based on the pricing of the Sony NEX-6 kit.  This will have features and performance comparable to APS-C DSLRs and a general purpose zoom. Unlike previous "bridge" cameras that emulate low-end DSLRs, this will emulate a high-end MILC.  Why should bridge cameras continue to try to be like DSLRS when DSLRs themselves are increasingly avoided and taken over by MILCs??  Why not have a MILC bridge camera?

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