why people ask questions about a D7000 ?

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Re: The consumer tag came from Nikon

Nikon has clearly defined what contsitutes a Pro camera , DPR  is mearly following Nikon's listing .the "what is Pro" debate will never end , but either way , it does not reflect on any cameras ability to take a good photo, the combination of  biuld/control layout /full feature set are consistently maintained in the Nikon Pro lineup , and all consumer models  have a lesser biuld , less convenient controls ,and is restricted in feature set.

this has allways been the way with Nikon consumer/Pro cameras, the D7000 has without doubt the best DX sensor to date and takes great photos ,but apart from the sensor ,is a very ordinary camera . I run both D300 and D7000 alongside each other for a time and although I was impressed with the sensor performance, the D7k was no match for the D300 in any of its features ,biuld or controls .  I think DPR is finally getting the camera listings right at last, the only wierd listing at the moment is the D600 , a clearly consumer FX biult camera alongside the Pro FX  Models ,but this is obviousely because it is the first of its kind ,(consumer FX) and not worth a forum on its own yet .

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