A99 vs D600 ISO6400 samples

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Re: ISO6400 isn't everything!

Maxeyesore wrote:

Nordstjernen wrote:

Anyhow, the SLT technology will not overcome the traditional mirror for same generation cameras when it comes to high ISO performance.

Many of us are getting the A99 for OTHER reasons than high ISO noise barely visible behind the D600 at an ISO setting that we rarely use!  

Another odd idea here, what reason would you get a a99 over a77?

That's like saying what reason someone would have buying APSC camera over 1" sensor camera. Bigger sensor.

>For sports it's a hard sell. Yes, tracking is better IF you have the lenses, but FPS is cut in half.

A99 can do 10 fps in APSC mode, if/whem higher frame rate is required.

>For birding or long range shooting you are losing a lot of reach by going FF.

No, you are not, as you can switch to APSC mode on A99 and still get 11 MP photos.

>Resolution is the same, 24mp.

True, but A99 has larger pixels, which would mean the lens would more easily resolve those 24 MP pixels.

>It would seem that the main advantage the a99 has is better noise performance due to more light gathered on a larger sensor.

Exactly, and that matters.

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