X10 Action photography

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X10 Action photography

Capturing action is difficult!

Auto-focus cameras follow the action too slowly - continuous hunting for focus creates shutter lag with the result that often the shutter fires after the event. Lighting levels may change and keeping track of correct exposure can lead to distraction with the same result.

One way to overcome this is to resort to zone focusing using the MF  (manual focus) setting and to use the shutter priority mode (S). However this leads to varying apertures due to changing light levels and in doing so nullifies the setting of a fixed aperture to meet ones zone of focus selection.

Using aperture priority mode (A) can result in shutter speed values falling below action-stopping speeds in lower light conditions

Using the manual mode (M) to set speed and aperture values solves the focus problem but does not solve the correct exposure problem due to changing light levels unless the AUTO ISO setting is invoked.

Try this work around using the X10’s  use of AUTO ISO.

  • Set ISO to AUTO.

Use the table below as a starting point*.

  • Set the mode to manual (M)  and set the speed and aperture to match the light conditions in the table below.
  • Use the AEL/AFL button to focus on the expected area of action.

The zone focus will be fixed according to the aperture set.

The shutter speed will also be set.

AUTO ISO will now vary to take into account varying light conditions.

*NOTE: These are suggested settings, there may other settings.
Be aware that there are speed and aperture restrictions on some combinations of settings.
Half press the shutter release and check the exposure bar on the left of the screen to make sure that the exposure is OK..
1/250 is about the maximum speed for action.
For zone focussing check  http://www.dofmaster.com. Remember to use actual focal lengths and NOT the marked lengths shown on the lens barrel.
Lower light levels will lead to higher ISO settings with resultant noise levels.

Feedback from Photographers who try this technique will be appreciated.

Fujifilm X10 Panasonic Lumix DMC-F5
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